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Respond to the Eastmoreland Historic District Poll!

The ENA Board has released the Historic District poll in coordination with the January 26th Historic District presentation and workshop at the Duniway auditorium. The Board requests that you carefully review the Guiding Change website (which has been vetted by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and the State Historic Preservation Office), attend the Historic District presentation, or view the video of the proceedings, which is now available on if you were unable to attend.

We ask each of you to consider how important it is to protect and preserve the future of the neighborhood through historic district preservation standards vs allowing developers and city planners with a density agenda to determine the future with policies like the Residential Infill Project (explained on this website and scheduled for implementation this year).

The poll will provide guidance to the Board as we proceed with the decision to submit the nomination to the National Park Service. The poll will only be valuable to the Board if the level of participation is high. Poll results will be confidential for participants and blind to the ENA and its Board of Directors. The coded number on the poll form is for the purpose of preventing duplicate or unauthorized responses.

The one-question poll will arrive in the mailbox of each owner of  the property or properties within the proposed district with explanatory instructions for completing and returning the form for tabulation by Southeast Uplift (SEUL) staff by February 24th.

Residential Infill Project Implementation and Impacts

The City Council adopted the Residential Infill Project with amendments on Dec. 6, 2016; it is now in the implementation phase. The project will directly affect Eastmoreland (including permitting duplexes on every lot and triplexes on every corner lot). Click here for the City Council Final Residential Infill Project Concept Report, Jan. 2017.


Several participants in the Residential Infill Project Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee produced a report which examines the impacts on neighborhoods including Eastmoreland that was submitted to City Council. Click here for RIPSAC7 Residential Infill Project Critique.

Linda Bauer, Appointee – East Portland Action Plan
Sarah Cantine, Architect – Boise NA Land Use
Jim Gorter, Appointee – Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
Rod Merrick, Architect – Eastmoreland NA Land Use
Rick Michaelson, Appointee – Neighbors West/Northwest
Michael Molinaro, Architect, Appointee – Southeast Uplift
Barbara Strunk, Appointee – United Neighborhoods for Reform