Eastmoreland Tree Committee

Eastmoreland’s Tree Committee works with residents, non-profits, the Urban Forestry Division, City Nature, Portland Parks and Recreation to preserve and enhance the evolving street tree canopy that helps define the character of the neighborhood.

Each homeowner is responsible for the care and maintenance of the street trees–the trees in the public rights of way, the planting strip between the sidewalk and street–adjacent to their property.  Since 1995, the Tree Committee has been helping homeowners by providing information and coordinating activities such as the first neighborhood-wide planting with Friends of Trees in 1997, the first elm inoculation in 2000, and the pruning of the trees in Reed College Place median in 2011.

A 2011 Street Tree Inventory with Urban Forestry is now enabling the committee to work on a proactive Neighborhood Tree Plan and maintain a database of the neighborhood’s street tree grove.

Here are some ways you can help:

Maintaining your Street Tree and the Canopy—Individual Efforts

  • Water young trees regularly for the first three years to help them get established.
  • A Permit from Portland Parks and Recreation’s Urban Forestry Division is required for pruning, removal, and planting of street trees. For more information, visit or call 503-823-4489

Community Volunteer and Educational Efforts.  The Tree Committee needs you to help with planning and data collection, planting, and disease mitigation.

Join the planning process.  Contribute your voice at Tree Committee meetings and look for updates about the Neighborhood Tree Plan at Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association Meetings. Learn about the neighborhood’s street tree population and the tree in front of your house: query the database and obtain information about the condition, size, and genus and sometimes species of any neighborhood street tree at any neighborhood address.

Contribute to the database:  submit information about a large limb or whole tree failure by going to and clicking on Help Us.

Help community-wide efforts to replace lost trees by volunteering with Friends of Trees—inquire about neighborhoods chosen for plantings and sign up as Eastmoreland’s Neighborhood Coordinator in early summer for a planting the following fall or winter:

Help out with the Annual Elm Inoculation: Each spring several neighbors volunteer on a weekend morning to help inoculate several of the neighborhood’s elm trees against Dutch elm disease. The 2014 elm inoculation event took place on June 14. Click here for more information about the inoculation event. Click here to learn more about Dutch elm disease.

Contribute Funds toward planning, planting, and elm inoculation by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association, PO Box 82520, Portland, OR 97282.

Contact. Event announcements are made on the ENA website. The Tree Committee, a standing committee of the ENA, meets as needed, with regular meetings often scheduled on the third Tuesday of the month. Please verify meeting agendas and time and place with Catherine Mushel, the committee chair, at