ENA Board Meeting, Thursday August 17th, 7-9PM, Reed College, Vollum Hall (“Lecture” on upper level)

ENA Board Meeting, Thursday August 17th, 2017, 7-9 PM
Reed College, Vollum Hall,  “Lecture” on upper level


6:55     Sign-in

7:00     Introductions, name cards

7:05     Approval of the agenda

7:10     Review and approve minutes for May, June, and July

7:20     Treasurer’s report – Balance and fundraising

7:23     Committee reports 

  • 10 minutes: Public Safety (Peter Lamb, Andy Payne)
  • 5 minutes: Tree Committee (Tim Moore and Catherine Mushel)
    • 7 minutes: Reed College Place (Bud Oringdolph)
      • Consider request to fund fall seeding
    • 5 minutes:Transportation Committee (Fred Nolke and Kurt Krause)
      • Report on expansion of parking district
    • 0 minutes Working Group: Bylaws reform Scheduled start in November 2017
    • 5 minutes: Proposed Schools Committee, recruiting
    • 10 minutes: Land Use (Rod Merrick)
      • Comp Plan update
      • Affordability study: Unreported demolitions
      • RIP Update
      • Neighborhood contact design meeting
      • Historic District (Amy Light)
    • 10 minutes: Communications
      • Inbox central, EC email, Social media, website, eblasts, publicity
        • (Kristiana Nelson recruiting)
        • Website update
      • Newsletter (Amy Light and Joe Dudman transition from Meg MerricK)

8:15     Events Committee. Formation Discussion

8:30     Guest Speaker – Ron Wyden (TBC)

8:55     Wrap up and Comments

September Agenda requests: Legislative Report w/Karin Power and Kathleen Taylor (TBC)