Dog Show

The 2016 Eastmoreland Dog Show will be held on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 2 p.m. at the Cerf Amphitheater on the Reed College campus.

amphitheatre4 amphitheatre1

Each registered entrant will have one minute to:

  • Tell an anecdote about their dog, his or her breed or history, or personality or quirks
  • Have their dog do a trick
  • Or simply have their dog take a turn around the stage as at the Westminster Dog Show

Registration begins on Thursday, Sept. 1 at 11:59 p.m.

There is a $10 refundable registration deposit, required in advance. The first 50 postmarked entries will be entered into the show. The deposit will be refundable for those who check-in to the show by 1:45 p.m.

The 51st entry and higher will receive priority for inclusion in the 2017 Eastmoreland Dog Show.

Registration closes at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10. No new registrations will be accepted at the Dog Show except for those who have notified the manager of the Dog Show that they will be on-hand as wait-listed.

No registrations will be accepted by e-mail. Registrations must have a postmark and be mailed to the address below.

Upon receipt of an entry, the registered dog’s owner will receive a phone call letting them know of their status in the event. If you choose to be on the waiting list for the 2016 event, please indicate that on the registration form and arrive at the Dog Show at 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 17.

Souvenir attire will be available for order on the day of the show.

You can download the registration form here and mail it with your refundable deposit, payable to Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association, to:

ENA Dog Show
c/o Steve Baker
7304 SE Reed College Pl.
Portland, OR 97202

For more information, please contact Steve Baker at 503-254-9230.

For those who wish to attend the event:
Admission is free. The venue is the Reed College Amphitheater (#25 on the campus map). So bring cushions for the hard wooden benches.

Catering will be provided by Reed College. You also may bring your own food and drink in the amphitheater.

Your dog, even though not part of the show, is welcome in the amphitheater (assuming the dog  is comfortable around children, crowds and other dogs).

Costumes for you and/or your dog are enthusiastically encouraged.

Please take a few minutes to visit our vendors stationed nearby.


You may purchase dog show gear between now and Sept. 17, 2016. See the order form.

Our vendor will receive our order as soon as we reach 24 units minimum. Delivery is about two weeks after that.

Crew neck sweat shirt:           safety yellow with blue stencil                         $17

Hoody sweat shirt:                  safety yellow with blue stencil                         $22

Crew neck sweat shirt:           heather gray with blue stencil                         $17

Hoody sweat shirt:                  heather gray with blue stencil                         $22


Left over 2014 t-shirts                  heather gray with blue stencil                     $5


Here are some highlights from the 2014 Eastmoreland Dog Show:

The winner of the 2014 Eastmoreland Reed College Dog Show, held September 20, is a puppy born January 1, a seven-pound Teacup Poodle/Maltese mix named “Oreo”.


Miss Oreo had earlier been one of three finalists chosen from the “Best Mutt” category which proved the most popular one in the Dog Show. Her proud handler is 12-year-old Michael Hinchliffe (assisted by his seven-year-old sister Amalia) who reside with their parents Todd and Rene on SE 30th Avenue in Eastmoreland. “Oreo” is the family’s first pet!

The Hinchliff’s entered the Dog Show at the last minute and were regretting they hadn’t had time to brush “Oreo” or buy her a fancy new lead before she strutted her stuff. And they added that when they saw the other dogs they were competing with…..


….especially “Victoria” the huge black Great Dane, and a Weimaraner they noticed…..


they figured little “Oreo” wouldn’t stand a chance. But the three judges rated her number one on personality and awarded her the big marble-based trophy and a $50 gift certificate from Natural Pet Food Solutions.

Handler Michael is a math/science whiz at Winterhaven, and assistant handler Amalia (who named the dog) is a Duniway student. “Oreo” beat out nearly a hundred dogs to claim her Best in Show title.

Photos by David Ashton, The Bee