Response by Irvington Community Association to KEF Assertions

Keep Eastmoreland Free, an organization opposing the Eastmoreland historic district, distributed a flyer throughout the neighborhood, which made assertions involving the Irvington Historic District. The president of the Irvington Community Association responded to those assertions in a February 17, 2017  letter to Eastmoreland residents. It begins:

“It has come to our attention that a flyer has been sent out by the organization “Keep Eastmoreland Free” which purports to state certain facts involving the Irvington National Historic District. The flyer is insidious in that it mixes partially true statements with falsehoods and then mixes those with statements that are very misleading.”

The letter specifically addresses the statements in the flyer. Click here for the letter in its entirety.

Eastmoreland Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness House Parties

Eastmoreland Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness House Parties

Last year the Eastmoreland Emergency Preparedness Committee launched an educational program aimed at teaching our neighbors how to prepare for a widespread emergency. Our neighborhood is resuming this program again this year and we are requesting volunteers from each block in Eastmoreland to host two evening “block parties”. These parties will be taught by a trained neighborhood emergency responder and will cover information on the types of disasters most likely to occur in Portland and how to prepare for these disasters for yourself, your family and as a block. The goal of these preparedness parties is for our neighborhood to achieve the most positive outcome possible when disaster strikes. It is a startling fact that if a widespread disaster were to occur, Portland’s emergency response system (police, fire and medical teams) would be overwhelmed. Most likely, during a disaster you will need to depend on yourself and your neighbors. By hosting the two block parties you will learn how to be prepared for disaster, your neighbors’ skill sets and resources and establish or strengthen neighborhood ties.

We are ready to schedule these block parties once you contact us. Again, we will bring all the educational materials and instruct the programs, you just need to invite your neighbors and open your home. Help us build a more resilient community! Please consider volunteering to be a host.  For more information or to sign up as a host send us an email at

Residential Infill Project Implementation and Impacts

The City Council adopted the Residential Infill Project with amendments on Dec. 6, 2016; it is now in the implementation phase. The project will directly affect Eastmoreland (including permitting duplexes on every lot and triplexes on every corner lot). Click here for the City Council Final Residential Infill Project Concept Report, Jan. 2017.


Several participants in the Residential Infill Project Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee produced a report which examines the impacts on neighborhoods including Eastmoreland that was submitted to City Council. Click here for RIPSAC7 Residential Infill Project Critique.

Linda Bauer, Appointee – East Portland Action Plan
Sarah Cantine, Architect – Boise NA Land Use
Jim Gorter, Appointee – Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
Rod Merrick, Architect – Eastmoreland NA Land Use
Rick Michaelson, Appointee – Neighbors West/Northwest
Michael Molinaro, Architect, Appointee – Southeast Uplift
Barbara Strunk, Appointee – United Neighborhoods for Reform

SHPO’s Eastmoreland Historic District Nomination Webpage Launched

The State Historic Preservation Office has just launched a webpage for Eastmoreland’s Historic District nomination. Click here to keep current with updates and revisions of the nomination.

Click here for revision #1 of the nomination.

For more information about historic districts and Eastmoreland’s process, go to: